Get Involved

There are several ways individuals may choose to get involved while visiting Southern Africa.  This could include, for example, a township tour by bike (which benefits the local community) to participating in a wildlife tagging project while on Safari.  Here is a list of suggested activities.

Undertake a Phinda Impact Journey

Participants get to embark on a journey of discovery with this privately guided, 7-day small group set departure journey that aims to highlight conservation and community development activities, which underpin the &BEYOND ethos of “leaving the world a better place than we found it”. 

Whilst traditional game drives are integral to this safari experience, it incorporates elements of our ranger training curriculum as well as selected conservation activities.

Participants are also introduced to the community surrounding &BEYOND Phinda Private Game Reserve and experience a day in the life of a school pupil.

Your Into Africa travel consultant will assist with building this into your itineraries

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Greenpop join the tree revolution

Green Pop

Many travelers are becoming more and more conscious of the impact travel may have on the environment.  One way to minimize impact is to plant trees as a carbon-off set.  We recommend our travelers support initiatives like Green Pop.

Greenpop is an award-winning registered non-profit organisation headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

They work to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards through forest restoration, urban greening, food gardening, and environmental awareness projects across Sub- Saharan Africa. Founded in 2010, they have planted over 150,000 trees and inspired over 132,000 active citizens across South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania.

Your Into Africa travel consultant will assist in ensuring carbon-off set requirements are met

Art For Action

The impact of Covid-19 has helped to highlight the inequalities within our world.  During the lockdowns of 2020 some of our team members responded to the crisis caused by the pandemic and started Art For Action.

Art For Action is an awareness and fundraising initiative which seeks to shine a spotlight on our Community Heroes in this time of Covid.

Art For Action is made up of students and mentors, on a quest to find the stories behind all the good work being done by good people in our communities.  Film students produce documentaries, highlighting the impact of Covid on our Community efforts.

Art students and artists donate artwork which is auctions to raise funds for these Community Heroes, all funds raised go directly to these Causes.

Art students and artists donate artwork which is auctions to raise funds for these Community Heroes, all funds raised go directly to these Causes.

Art For Action represents an opportunity for concerned individuals to learn more about what Covid has meant for the people of South Africa.  It also provides a simple and fun way of making a difference, no matter where one is.

It all starts with a simple step, follow them on Instagram, here you will find out about their latest Causes.  You will also get the opportunity to participate in their fundraising Auctions.  This means you can continue to stay involved, even from a distance.

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