We were asked to identify a suitable CSR project in Cape Town by a leading international pharmaceutical company.  The top executives of the company, accompanied by their partners, met in Cape Town early in 2012.  They requested a project which would both be a worthy recipient of various donations including hands on labour and commitment from the executives and their partners.

Baphumelele is run by an incredible lady called Rosie.  She has been helping street children in Khayelitsha for over 20 years.  Bampumelele is a registered orphanage taking care of 106 orphans and approximately another 100 community children through their day care centre.  Assistance was needed to uplift the environment in which these children spend their days.

Various building, decorating and tree planting needs were identified.  The preparation work was carried out by a local Khayetisha builder through the funding of the pharmaceutical company.  The executives and their partners were able to plant trees, decorate classrooms, paint walls and build cupboards in what, for them, proved to be a most fulfilling day.  Importantly they were also able to meet with Rosie and the children – hugely deserving recipients of this generous CSR project.

Unfortunately there is no shortage of CSR projects to invest in, in Africa.  CSR Projects have, however, proved time and again to be an incredible, moving experience for participants attending conferences and incentives programmes.  Reaching out to communities in need is very rewarding.

It is important to identify the right projects for both the donor company and the communities -.  projects which have longevity and improve the lives of all concerned.  Identifying and facilitating such projects is an important aspect of who we are and what we do at Into Africa.