Many tourists to Africa are intrigued by the unique designs to be found here.  As consciousness around sustainability grows many are questioning the authenticity of products and are keen to know that local communities will benefit from purchases they make.

One company that offers ethically sourced and top-quality designs is Design Afrika.  They specialize in revitalizing the ancient craft of African basket weaving

Design Afrika specializes in finely crafted hand-woven basketry and has over many years developed close relationships with rural weaving communities across Africa. Through the global marketing of the work of these weavers, mostly women in rural areas, we strive to help develop their economic independence while ensuring that their important traditional skills are not lost. Over 25 years, Design Afrika been a wholesale supplier to retail stores from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Santiago to Oslo.

A product of collaboration and curation, their new range TOTEM Homeware Collection is a celebration of functional art from Africa. The collection is a celebration of community, inspired by the creativity of artists and makers around us in Cape Town, as well as in Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. It features the work of more than 25 designer-makers, culminating in a rich ensemble of ceramics, woodwork, lighting, candles, embroidery, and more.

We encourage tourist to look out for Design Afrika suppliers for their assurance that the products are produced in a way that supports sustainability.

Over the next few months, we plan to give a big shout out to sustainability businesses like Design Afrika.  If you would like to submit your project for this campaign, please email or call 021 430 2060.

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