Some of our insights and experiences…..Into Africa has facilitated many events in East Africa and we love to highlight and enjoy the aspects of it which are unique and exotic.  Cities like Nairobi, Arusha, Mombasa or Kigali can be intoxicating and one immediately feels one if in for an adventure.

Local transport East Africa

One way to feel the pulse of these places is to travel ‘local’ and we would recommend using local transport over impersonal coaches to give guests an authentic experience. For a gala dinner in Stonetown why not use local tuk tuks for short haul transfers?

Karen Blixen Museum

For some its the intriguing stories of individuals like Karen Blixen and to visit the places she wrote about in her book ‘Out Of Africa’ is what they are looking for. A chance to see in real life the places that she described in her book and which so captured our imaginations. Her residence the perfect venue for a ‘pink gin’ style cocktail event and a cheeky peak into what colonial privilege and life was like.

Hot Air Ballooning Tanzania

For many it is to behold the vast plains of Africa, one of the last wild places left on this planet. To witness animals, left to exist as their forefathers have for millennium, migrating in massive numbers across these lands.  For groups its thrilling to exchange safari vehicles for hot air balloons. Conditions on the Seregeti are perfect and its possible to coordinate a group send-off. To sail over the plains in a wide cluster of these elegant crafts is simply unforgettable.

Maasai East Africa

The Maasai people are another fascinating reason to visit East Africa. What a privilege to learn from these proud people about a way of life that seems so foreign to our own.   At an international awards ceremony we facilitated in Kenya, our delegates were thrilled by Maasai Warriors who were the ambassadors for the evening, their presence imbued the event with unique stature.

Gala Reception in Mombasa

For top achiever programmes, including an Indian Ocean beach experience, is an absolute win. Places like Zanzibar and Mombasa provide the perfect playground with which to spoil and thrill. Gala dinners on palm lined beaches or in atmospheric stone forts. Exotic spice tours and a chance to experience the destination through ones taste buds at a local food market.  The romance of sailing turquiose waters in an ancient wooden dhow. Or the simple pleasure of enjoying a beach volleyball tournament on white sandy beaches. The opportunities are endless.

Elephant Orphanage Kenya

Many clients look to include a legacy aspect to their programmes and in East Africs there are numerous choices. From community lead initiatives to elephant orphanages which will melt the toughest heart.
In Closing
The Into Africa Team

Gorilla Trekking

Where our clients have wanted a real Africa experience, East Africa has often hit the mark. Especially where clients have a comfortable budget to work with, as this in an important factor to consider when pitching and delivering programmes in East Africa. ‘Budget and time I’d say are two important considerations when looking at a destination like Rwanda. 

Kigali Convention Centre

There are several places one can host a large scale conferences in East Africa but Kigali’s Convention Center is well established as the premium choice. It is owned and managed by Radisson Blu and is well supported with serval international brand hotels in the vicinity.

Gorilla Naming Ceremony Rwanda

This destination offers fantastic VIP programs opportunities like gorilla trekking which can be topped with the exclusive gorilla naming ceremony if the timing is right.  Anything is possible if you have the right budget.’ Alex.