Some of our insights and experiences…..We are seeing a pleasing growth in the depth and breadth of the enquiries we are receiving.  We take pride in pitching experiences that best fit the mentality and expectations of our clients. More and more travelers are  mindful of sustainability and are seeking authentic African experiences. We think Uganda is packed with potential and will meet the needs of the most discerning adventure travellers out there!

Impenetrable Forest

The mere mention of destinations like the Impenetrable Forest and the Nile River is enough to capture the imagination of the most intrepid traveler, looking to escape the hussle and bussle of modern life and to experience something wild and remote.

Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking

Yes, one is required to wear masks when within close proximity to chimpanzees and gorillas.  But no covid tests are required upon entry into Uganda and a simple vaccination certificate will surfice.  The online visa application prior to arrival made the arrival into the airport a breeze but ensure you give yourself time to upload the documents as some uploads did cause delays.

Sustainable by nature

Tea Plantations

Ugandans have developed fascinating ways of co-existing with the forest and it’s inhabitants.  The National Parks are surrounded by tea plantations, which are unpalatable to apes and other animals that may be destructive to the crops and properties of nearby villagers.  The tea plantations form a safe border for local communities. 


Even the mighty elephants are kept in check by a series of natural string trip-wires, strung between beehives.  If an elephant were to disurb the wire, it causes the bees to buzz.  Elephants don’t like the sound of bees, so this effectively shoos them off back into the ‘unfenced’ reserves.

Food market

Uganda offers fascinating insights into a way of life where every household is self sustaining, growing their own food.  And a chance to imagine a life free of shopping malls and big commerce.   Meeting locals at the road side markets to interacting with families in the plantations while strolling through villages can be a highlight.

Ride 4 a Woman

A visit to Uganda and the Buhoma village area would not be complete without spending time with Evelyn and her impressive Ride 4 A Woman Centre.  The centre pays tribute to her mother, who had the forsight to ensure that all her girl children received an education, inspite of being left to provide for 8 children after her husband died.  This skills development centre offers training and a means for rural women to sustain themselves.  One can rent a bike and explore the villages or spend a day with Evelyn and her team.

More affordable alternatives

Sanctuary Lodge Uganda

Accommodation in Uganda caters for backpakers and luxury travellers alike.  There are beautiful private lodges within the Impenetrable Forest for those that have the budget.  There are also many mid-range and cheaper alternatives.  But the best news by far is the fact that the trekking fees in Uganda are substantially lower than in neighbouring contries.  Making Uganda one of the most affordable destinations for gorilla and chimp trekking.

In Closing
Frances Wilson

Uganda Accommodation

I have just returned from POATE (Pearl of Africa Travel Expo) and an incredible fam trip.  I absolutely loved every moment of my trip.  The people were super friendly and I felt safe and well looked after from beginning to end.  The guides and our drivers were invaluable with their knowledge and passion for their Country and industry. Road transfers were filled with views of rolling hills and glimpses into village life.  Something everyday, like a picnic, felt so special in this beautiful and remote landscape. 

It goes without saying that one needs a basic level of fitness for a trip like this.  Many of the forest lodges are built on the slopes and so steps are a factor.  However I can’t wait to send our adventure seeking clients to Uganda.  And for those not as fit …remember the porters are always there to lend a helpful hand or push you up the hills.  By enlisting the services of a porter one is supporting local communities and their families.

Gorilla trekking seems to be on everyone’s bucket lists these days and I think Uganda offers the best value for this particular activity…and you may find yourself ticking off more bucket list items on one trip than expected.

For me that was to see Victoria Falls from the air, my flight on Kenya Airways went via Victoria Falls and it was so special to view this World Heritage Site from above.  Rwandair flies into Uganda and has a good network of route options.

Uganda Accommodation

The Pearl of Africa Travel Expo was held at the Speke Resort and Conference Centre in Kampala.   I was very impressed with the facilities and the number of venue options on offer. Other options to consider are hotels closer to the Intl Airport, Entebbe.  Both cities are beautifully situated alongside the tranquil Lake Victoria.

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