We know we are doing our job properly when we receive a thank you letter like the one Nicole received from a happy client…..

Dear Nicole!

I have spoken to several of my friends, Margareta called me every day from
SA!!! I understand everybody are super pleased and satisfied with
everything. They said the arrangements were absolutely perfect. They loved
the luxury Rovos Rail and thought that it was quite an experience and they
loved Franschhoek Hotel just to mention a couple of things.

I understand the guides were excellent and everyone I spoke to especially
mentioned Penny, who they thought was absolutely fantastic, best guide they
ever had. Please let Penny know.

Göran said he got so much help from you and appreciated very much that you
contacted him and checked that everything was OK.

I am also very pleased with your services and think you have done a great
job Nicole! Hope I will have the opportunity to contact you again some time
in the future.

Thank you for everything Nicole!

Wish you all the best and lots of love from Inga-Lill