Into Africa has partnered with The Underdog Project, because we recognize the importance of the work they do with ‘at risk kids’ in our communities. More and more of our business partners are joining our Crusade of Kindness by:

Encouraging guests to donated second-hand clothing to the project, which is used for fundraising.

Sponsoring the incredible work they do.

Including an Underdog Team Building Activity in their programmes.

To find out more please check out their website on

It’s a win/win:

Involvement in the Project has a direct impact on ‘at risk’ kids in our communities.

Transporting second-hand clothing for the Project becomes a ‘carbon off-set’.

Recycling clothing is the right thing to do.

Our involvement benefits the Project as it helps to generate much-needed funding, through sponsorship, fundraising and income from Teambuilding Services.

Participating in the Project gives traveller’s a Social Purpose. They become part of the story and enjoy making a real difference in the lives of real kids in need.