‘Being part of a rhino dehorning at Bayala Private Safari Lodge is possibly one of the most memorable things I’ve done. Yes of course, it’s sad that such extreme measures are necessary to protect these ancient animals but realizing that we were literally saving a precious life, I just felt privileged to be a small part of it’. Luci

Aside from being poached for their horns, rhinos can injure each other over competition for females or territories. Bayala’s comprehensive dehorning program has seen a pleasing increase in their rhino population because of reduced fatalities. Funds for this programme are raised through the Cycle of Life Charity Funds’ Ride 4 Rhinos event.

Many game lodges don’t allow guests to post footage of rhino, but at Bayala, their message is very clear, all their rhinos are dehorned regularly and are of no value to poachers.

The horns are promptly removed from the property after each dehorning and handed over to authorities for safe keeping.

‘To be in close contact with these prehistoric looking animals was awe-inspiring and a memory I will treasure forever;’ Luci Buckland