Some of our insights and experiences…..It’s been a busy year for the Into Africa team, and we’re loving it!  Our bookings are strong and we have also attended quite a number of trade shows and connected with 244 travel professionals. As a team we place a lot of importance on listening, by honing our listening skills we deliver programmes and packages that fit what you are looking for.  Two themes are coming through often for us, particularly in the MICE market, and these are sustainability and learning.

Conference objectives centered around sustainability and learning

Learning experiences

We were thrilled to be involved in the Entrepreneurs Organization Global Leadership Conference.  Our role was to conceptualize and deliver on a series of learning experiences, that related to the conference content with a particular focus on innovation, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, arts, culture and sustainability.  

Conceptualize and deliver 7 unique experiences

This particular part of the event was made up of 1600+ pax and was to take place within a 5 hour time frame.  Our strategy was to divide the group into manageable groups which would also ensure that the individuals enjoyed a highly interactive and immersive experience.

We conceptualized 7 unique experiences and further divided delegates into 67 groups.  In addition to this we established 3 weather back-up events to ensure that all bases were covered.  ”Fortunately for everyone, Cape Town’s weather cooperated perfectly and  we had beautiful weather on the day!” Jen Wulff, Senior Project Manager.

Overcoming adversity

685 Delegrates chose to visit Robben Island and took advantage of the opportunity to engage with 10 specialist speakers, some of whom were contemporaries of the late Nelson Mandela.  Here the main discussion centered around understanding the power of leadership in creating a positive impact on society and community, with inspired commitment to ethical and inclusive leadership

Lessons from the Green Economy

300 Delegates were inspired by the insights of experts that shared their knowledge about nature, bio-diversity and the shared-system. The guests gained new knowledge and perspective through an adventurous learning experience, learning about the history and future behind sustainable preservation efforts

.Urban art, education and community

150 Delegates visited the streets of Salt River to see the impactful work being done by Baz- Art, an organization that is based on 3 pillars, urban art, education and community. The delegates learnt about local artists and the stories behind their artworks, whilst gaining insight into art as a platform for marginalised communities, a voice for the voiceless.

Leaving a legacy

Delegates were keen to interact with the community and also to give back.   Baz- Art helped coordinate the painting of a wall alongside the playground at a local school, with the learners joining in on the fun.  They left behind a beautiful mural, a lasting legacy.

Philippi Village for young entrepeneurs

70 Delegates visited Philippi Village which is an integrated community hub which aims to help young entrepeneurs thrive.  After visiting the projects facilitated at the Village (and planting some trees for their community food garden), delegates and locals enjoyed a group discussion.  The idea was to learn from their global experiences to try to shape and craft local solutions.  The learning here was that “thriving businesses are a result of happy and thriving communities.’

Innovation City Workshop

200 Delegates joined the Innovation City workshop, where the guests enjoyed a roundtable discussion about business trends in the larger African market. This event was aimed at understanding local and regional market trends, whilst discovering new innovative business initiatives to address challenges.

Klein Goederust

100 guests were hosted at Klein Goederust by the founder Mr Paul Siguqa where he introduced them to the wine business from a founders perspective, whilst reflecting on his journey. The guests learnt about the local grape varietals, cultivars and the aspects of viticulture unique to Southern Africa from the wine maker. As well as the history and production process behind the wine and the key role that technology play in the industry.

Social Entrepeneurship

Last but not least, a group of 180 guests attended an event at Breakwater Lodge for a Roundtable discussion focused on reimagining business as a force for good and understanding how businesses are not only a driver of economic growth, but a driver for social impact.
They were introduced to 4 of South Africa’s top social entrepeneurs who opened a dialogue about encouraging positive transformations and learning about the power of strategic and win-win partnerships.

In Closing
Jen Wulff

Uganda Accommodation

Co-ordinating 1,600 people, through 7 diverse events whinin such a short time frame was a challenge.  We enlisted 100 staff members and used no less than 54 coaches.  In the end the event ran perfectly and we feel so proud to have been part of an event that will leave a lasting legacy to sustainablity and learning for South Africa and the delegates that participated.

In praise of Uganda