As a Cape Town based Destination Management Company, we are only too aware of the circumstances of many who live in poverty in our country.

For girl children in particular, growing up in a township presents many risks and challenges.  Unfortunately this can result in girls under-performing at school, further disadvantaging them in life.

Call For Travellers To Donate Clothes

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In 2019 Into Africa started an initiative called ‘Travel With Purpose’  Here we encourage groups of travelers to bring donations of second-hand clothing when coming to South Africa.

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These clothes are then sold in support of Dassenberg Rescue’s outreach project which assists vulnerable youths.

Sales Are Pitched To A Diverse Market

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In the spirit of giving, the clothes are then sensitively priced, to reach and attract people from all walks of life.

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The beauty of this system is that it also helps women from disadvantaged areas, giving them access to good quality clothing, boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Reaching Vulnerable Youths

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Members of our team volunteer at the Dassenberg Rescue and are integrally involved in setting up and running this programme which seeks to reach youths that have experienced stress and trauma. 

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The programme makes use of therapists, teachers and social workers who volunteer their time.  They use play to teach important life skills and try to fill the gaps, where kids aren’t given the necessary help and support at home.

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We believe that by reaching these youths at this critical stage of their lives, the programme helps them turn their lives around and start to perform better in school.

Rescue Animals Are The Heroes Of Our Story

Gala Reception in Mombasa

We absolutely love the fact that there is a mutual benefit for their rescue animals, who themselves have been neglected.

Gala Reception in Mombasa

The animals enjoy the human contact they receive from these youths and the necessary training they undertake to perform this important role makes them very adoptable.  

By participating in this programme these rescue animals go from being victims themselves to being the real heroes of our story.

If you’d like to find out more about the programme and this organization that is ‘With Heart And Soul For Children And Animals,  please visit their website on
In Closing
Frances Wilson

Our team is excited to support an intiative that works on so many levels.  The cherry on top is the knowledge that donated clothing becomes a sort of ‘carbon off-set’ for travellers to South Africa.

If you would like to participate in this programme please feel free to contact me directly on