Into Africa has been in operation since 1991 and has had to evolve with many trends and developments in the industry.  Recently, we have noticed increasing pressure on individuals to being ‘conscious’ travellers, whether that’s in respect to environmental issues, an awareness of socio-economic concerns and a focus on well-being.

As part of our own Social Responsibility Commitment, we support a project that seeks to address the problem of developing youth in South Africa into individuals that can find a meaningful place in our society.  The lack of positive role models in poor communities leaves kids vulnerable to gangs and they are considered ‘at risk’.

We started Travel With Purpose by approaching our clients with an opportunity to get involved by inviting their Tourists to donate second-hand clothing . 

The response to the collection of clothing has been very positive and we realized that tourists like to know that the simple act of recycling their clothes can have a direct and meaning for impact on kids that are ‘at risk’.

We found that another benefit to the clothing collection is that the act of transporting the clothing becomes a ‘carbon off-set’ for those undertaking a long-haul flight.  The act of transporting and giving the clothes adds another dimension to the travel experience.  People aren’t just flying, they are making a difference.  They’re not Tourists, in this moment, they are helping and empowering.

We believe that the simple act of donating clothing to a cause is mutually beneficial and is another way that tourism can contribute towards sustainability in South Africa.

Over the next few months, we plan to give a big shout out to sustainability initiatives like Travel With Purpose.  If you would like to submit your project for this campaign, please email

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