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If this past season is anything to go by, business travel to long-haul destinations like South Africa is back.  Is it the same-same as before?  Not quite, business travel has just got a whole lot more exciting.

Let’s face it, a lot has changed since COVID, more people are enjoying hybrid working arrangments, consumers are more comfortable with what the virtual world can offer and this has implecations for the way we work, also, many companies are embracing the new and are committed to doing things differently.Innovation in business travelRemote working has created new opportunities which more and more companies are waking up to.  Work from home executives seeking to replace the peer interactions they enjoyed in their old offices, are signing up for ‘Workation’  trips where individuals from different industries enjoy a facilitated work/holiday experience which gives them the chance to interact with professionals on a similar level to themselves.  ‘A workation isn’t just about a jolly, it actively seeks to fill the gap by designing interactive experiences for the group’. 

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Virtual companies are solving the problem of employee alienation by organizing work away’s, where members of the team get to know each other.  “Companies are seeing such benefit in these trips, the work aways offer a level platform for new and old team members to interact and contribute towards company goals.  What we are seeing is a much stronger buy-in from new employees, because a work away offers a relaxed way for the team to become aquainted and to share knowledge and ideas.’ Kerry

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The isolation years of COVID has also spawned a strong culture of engagement, both within the corporate structure and also the way a corporate may choose to engage with the world.  “We are seeing this in the growing trend for companies seeking to engage with local talent and entrepeneurs, but also setting healthy targets around legacy projects.’  Alex.Workation Case Study

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Into Africa was given the unique opportunity to create a Working Vacation in January this year for a group of professionals from Sweden. The brief was to ensure enough time for the individuals to continue with their day to day work, whilst still incorporating all of the “musts” Cape Town has to offer. It was with this in mind that we designed a bespoke programme that included all of the highlights, done in such a way that each location and activity had an underlying takeaway that could be used in their day to day lives.  One of the activities was a cooking demonstration in a Cape Malay kitchen, the group learned to roll their own Samoosa (a spicey pastry parcel).

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From creating a work life balance, to understanding the dependencies of biodiversity and how this can be reimagined into a business model, social entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing while working with education centres and communities, remembering the fundamentals and every role no matter how small it may sometimes seem, plays a huge part in the chain of progression.The guests climbed the peaks, travelled around the Cape Peninsula, explored the Stellenbosch vineyards, visited communities and landmarks to understand impact, while enjoying shared meals with local entrepreneurs.

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‘I got so much out of the Educational Trip I did with Into Africa post Meetings Africa.  I was particularly looking for opportunities for my big corporates that operate in the virtual sector.  I felt that Hazendal Hotel and Spa ticked all the boxes needed for the work aways I am planning.  The property is beautiful and each room is tastefully designed.  The property has many on-site facilities which negates the need for unnecessary logistics, this includes conference, golf, spa and more.  I was particularly impressed with their kitchen and feel I can propose this property to any top executive with confidence.’  Kerry.
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‘I personally love the challenge of coming up with a event that is unique and exciting!  The post COVID meetings space is offering me plenty of opportunities to do just that.  Companies want to do things differently and so we coined the phrase ‘unconference’ and took a recent group of 180 on a series of extra-ordinary events which had them conferencing on the top of Table Mountain, in the Company Gardens with food trucks for catering, in the Cape Winelands and even to a game reserve, the possibilites are endless!” 

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